Reports can be found by clicking the Reports button on the left side menu.
Selecting a Report

The reports displayed will be different for every user and are split into three top level categories.

New- These will be the latest reports that we have written that can be used by everyone.

Primary Curriculum - These are reports created for the curriculum and work with the school's own grade sets.

My Reports - These are reports that have been written specifically for the school.

Reports may appear in more than one category.

Opening a report

To open a report, simply click either the open in new window icon  (This will leave the section of DCPro you are currently on open) or, click the open in same window icon (This will open the report in the same window, taking you away from the page of DCPro you are currently on).

Changing Parameters

Once a report has been selected, the page then changes to display the report parameters as in the screen shot below. The actual parameters shown will be different for every report, and some reports may not even need any.

Once parameters have been selected or changed, you must press the View Report button again to load the report.

Printing Reports

Once a report has been selected and displayed, you can export or primt from the report's displayed toolbar (below). Internet explorer may also display a print icon, but this requires the installation of a component which may not be allowed on computers in school.

The PDF is recommended as it will closest match what is displayed on the screen.
The reports can also be exported to Word and Excel.

Favourite Reports






Click on the heart and it will add this report to your favourites heading. This way, you can see all your favourite reports all in one section. Your favourite reports will also be shown on your dashboard.