If you need to contact us about any of the issues below (or anything else) please use this form and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

You will notice that your pupils are still in last year’s groups. Once you have rolled forwards your MIS, please contact us and we will import your pupils in their new classes and year groups. If you still have pupils in pre-admission groups, then these will not come through to us until you have admitted them.

You may also notice that your Pupil Premium is not updating from your MIS. The reason for this is that every September, SIMS removes all Pupil Premium indicators for the current financial year. If you are happy that all your pupil premium indicators are correct for the current year, then you can let us know and we will update your data. If you need some additional help to update them from the DfE, please see this page

We often get calls about missing results for pupils. In some cases, depending on your MIS, we do not get these automatically. The easiest way to ensure the results are up to date in DCPro is to upload a CTF file from your MIS containing all pupils and all historic results. Please let us know once you have done this and we will attend to it as soon as possible.