The Tracking screen is a single place where all of the main views and reports can be found.
First time users will start with the Tracking View, however the system will remember your last position when you log out.


Switch View       

 Allows you to move between screens. Tracking view, Card view and Formative assessment view.


Change cohort

 Select a new group of pupils to display by class (current year), or year group (past years). You can also select multiple cohorts to show on the tracking screen at the same time by clicking the boxes you want to show.

 Selected boxes will be ticked green as seen below.



Filter the currently displayed cohort using standard filters (gender, sen, pupil premium etc), or by custom filters defined by the school. 





When you click the reports button, it will load the reports pop up, from which you can see and select from the standard reports and school's own reports