Updates to Progress Columns

You can now add progress columns for all numeric columns and Reading Age columns.

The numeric columns, e.g Standardised Scores, Scaled Scores etc, can have progress columns attached to them, which will show you any value added between the two scores.

The Reading Age columns will also take into account the time taken between each score and use this to show progress.

Updates To Progress Columns.pdf

Pupil Premium and the New Academic Year

The Pupil Premium ticks in SIMS are not carried across into the next Academic Year - schools can down load the latest DfE Pupil Premium data from the KeytoSuccess website, the csv download can then be imported directly into SIMS (once schools have had the summer update ask your SIMS managed service!) - (for the rest see doument 'SIMS Import Instructions' and  'Pupil Premium Notes' = Pupil Premium Notes 2017 or Pupil Premiu